Logan Wake Butler

Contemporary Artist

Nashville Contemporary Art Studio



Logan Wake Butler


Hometown: Rochester, Illinois

Current Residence: Nashville, TN


I once had a gentleman tell me when I first starting creating art full time that I was about to embark on a very lonely profession.  Little did I know at the time how accurate his comment really was.  Learning how to channel and harness creation in the mind of an artist is like watching a river roll by with the intent of trying to gather precise pieces of driftwood to compose your dream home.  Theres a certain degree of isolation that must be accepted and that's what I thrive on.  I am constantly in a dream state while working on my art.  I create ideas and scenarios that do not exist in the common world and I give them way of life by color, texture, and body.  Abstraction and Surrealism is what I gravitate towards for reason of deriving different nuances and expanding upon them while in progress.  My mind wonders too much for a precise image of concrete substance, I want a bit of grunge and deviancy in my work. I am drawn to that uncomfortable contorted figure because that is life.  It's not ideal and it's not perfect, it moves and shapes every decision we make without our consent.  There is a strong emphasis on imbalance in my pieces because everything in life that is interesting to me is interesting because it is in a state of imbalance. My work is the purest form of what trances my mind, devoid of defined space and quantitative time.


1211 4th Ave S, Nashville TN